50th Birthday Invitation

Turning 50 is a big milestone in someones life worthy of a big celebration! If you are hosting a party for a loved one and are stumped with the language, details and etiquette for 50th birthday party invitations, here are some tips to make sure that you get it just right:
  • Choose the right invitation: If you are having a themed party, make sure that it is reflected on the 50th birthday invitations. In most cases, you will likely be able to find a 50th birthday invite that matches up with the theme or your party. Otherwise, use a 50th birthday inspired invitation, like this one below featured on Punchbowl.

  • Set the tone: Remember that this party is meant to celebrate the guest of honor, not roast them (unless you specifically plan a roast event). If you don’t think that the guest of honor will appreciate jokes about his or her age, it is probably not the best idea to do so on the invitations either. Set the tone from the beginning to ensure that the guest of honor is comfortable at the party.
  • Incorporate the right wording: However, some people don't mind a little teasing about their age—in fact some people come to expect it. Here are some examples of comical sayings and that you could include on the invitations:
    • "You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake."
    • "On your 50th birthday count your blessings, not your candles!"
  • Include all the event details: Keep the 50th birthday invitation wording concise, not too wordy. Make sure you include important details such as: name of the birthday boy or girl, date/time/location of the event, if the party is a surprise, if you would like guests to RSVP, and if they should bring gifts for the guest of honor.
  • Be clear about who's invited: Decide in advance if you want children at the 50th birthday party or not. If you want an adult only party, make sure you say explicitly on the invitation “Please no children” or “Adults only.”
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