Baby's Favorite Shower Gifts

What would a baby’s favorite baby shower gift be? Well, if they could tell you, we’re sure it would include something from the list below. These baby shower gift ideas all focus on the baby and the essential items for the first few weeks of life. Take a look as you begin to build your own baby shower registry or purchase a gift for a mom-to-be!

  • Boppy® ComfyFit® Baby Carrier: Baby is going to simply adore this soft and stylish baby carrier! It's made with a comfortable, lightweight material (so mom might love it even more)!
  • Boppy® Feeding & Infant Support Pillow: Your new baby will spend more time than you think in their Boppy® pillow! From feeding to relaxing, the unique shape is perfect for little ones.
  • Bath time essentials: What’s more fun than bath time? Baby will love to get clean in his/her own baby tub, full of warm soapy water. Items like head-to-toe wash, shampoo, bath toys, and fuzzy hooded towels will make for a more enjoyable bath time experience.
  • Boppy® Newborn Lounger: The newborn lounger is another item that your baby would ask for, if he/she could! It’s the perfect place to lie back and relax, with a unique design to fit baby perfectly. The best part? It can help free up mom’s busy hands to do other things!
  • Cozy blankets: Snuggling up in a warm, cozy blanket will be one of your newborn’s favorite things to do. Register for a few different sizes and textures to have on hand.
  • Crib mobile: An engaging crib mobile makes babies happy! From soothing lights to happy melodies, a crib mobile is an essential item for the nursery.
  • Cute gear: The Boppy® Baby Gear & Toys collection feature tons of items to help support all of your baby's needs. From baby chairs to loungers, this baby gear will help make your daily routines go smoothly as possible.

Planning an upcoming baby shower? We’ve partnered with Boppy® to bring you exclusive baby shower invitations. Send one today to get started!

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