5 Hanukkah Party Favor Ideas

Throw a festival of lights celebration and let guests leave with a smile after they get creative Hanukkah party favors. Select Hanukkah party favor ideas based on your budget, number of guests, and ages of guests. Distribute appropriate Hanukkah party favors for kids and also proper Hanukkah party favors for adults so everyone gets a taste of the fun.

Ideas for Chanukah party favors include:

  • Gelt: Take advantage of the Hanukkah holiday, and treat your guests to scrumptious chocolate gelt. Put heaping mounds of gelt on a table, provide guests with bags, and tell them to help themselves. For another favor idea, stuff gelt in fillable dreidels. Try a simple favor idea, and hand out gelt to each guest in a mesh bag.
  • Fortune Cookies: Show off your skills in the kitchen, and make Hanukkah fortune cookies. Buy simple white chocolate dip or melt white chocolate on your own. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to make blue chocolate dip. Dip fortune cookies in (about half way), and then rest them on a piece of wax paper until dry. Add some extra Hanukkah fun, and place a dash of edible white sprinkles or stars on the tops of the fortune cookies before dry.
  • Chocolate Lollipops: Satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests with Hanukkah chocolate lollipops in the shape of the Star of David. Search for a Star of David lollipop mold at your local craft store. Get creative, and use white chocolate with a few drops of food coloring for a unique twist. Once complete, place the lollipops in clear cellophane bags, and tie blue and white ribbon to seal shut for freshness. If there are diabetics in the family, use sugar-free chocolate.

Enjoy these delicious chocolate Hanukkah party favor ideas!

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