Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

As a bridesmaid, one of your jobs is to coordinate a “last hurrah” for your soon to be married friend, sister, etc. A bachelorette party is intended to be a fun and exciting celebration for the bride-to-be to celebrate her upcoming nuptuals (and one of her last night's out as a single gal).

When planning a bachelorette party, it it important to remember that all brides are different and what one person thinks is a great time might not be someone else's cup of tea. Here are a few bachelorette party tips to keep in mind as you plan a bachelorette party for someone special to you:

  • Activity: When planning the bachelorette party, keep in mind what the bride would enjoy. Does she want a crazy night out with the girls or a low-key dinner followed by decadent spa treatments. Consider what would make her comfortable and go with that. Talk to the other bridesmaids to see what they think.
  • Timing: Consider timing of the bachelorette party. No bride wants to have tired, puffy eyes in her professional wedding pictures, so a bachelorette party the night before the wedding probably isn’t the best idea. Is there a certain weekend that works better for the bride? What about the other bridesmaids? To ensure you choose the ideal bachelorette party date, get a few dates from the bride, then coordinate with bridesmaids and other guests to see what works best for them.
  • Logistics: If you plan to go to a bar or restaurant where there will be drinking involved, be sure to coordinate with someone to be the designated driver. Another option is to hire a car service or limousine to transport you for the entire evening so that you will have nothing to worry about. A party bus can be fun as well!
  • Budget: Estimate costs ahead of time, including food, cover charges, drinks, and cab fares, so that everyone can budget their money accordingly. Don't forget to include the costs needed to cover the bride-to-be—she shouldn't have to pay for anything on her big night.
  • Gifts: Spice up the party by asking all of the guests to bring a gag gift for the bride-to-be. The gifts don’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant; they can just be silly gifts that your friend would never buy for herself.
  • Activity: A fun game to play when you are out on the town for a bachelorette party is a scavenger hunt. Write out a list of objects/activities that the bride-to-be must obtain or accomplish throughout the course of the night. The tasks can be as simple as a "Find a drink umbrella" to something as bold as "Have your picture taken getting a kiss on the cheek from a stranger."

A bachelorette party is only as fun as the group of ladies you get together for the party. Send the bachelorette party invitations early to make sure you get a great turnout for the bride-to-be!

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