A Thanksgiving Play for Kids

At your family gathering this year, organize a Thanksgiving play for kids as part of your celebration. It’s a fun activity that will allow kids to use their creativity and will provide a bit of fun and entertainment after the big feast is done. Adults will love watching the youngsters put on an original performance. 
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Here are some tips and ideas for Thanksgiving plays for kids:

  • Script: Thanksgiving plays are an opportunity to have a little history lesson and research the story of the first Thanksgiving. When you’re putting together your Thanksgiving play script, teach kids about the different characters they might represent in the narrative like the pilgrims and Native Americans. Make sure that everyone has a line to say. Help the children write a dialogue between the two groups and consider assigning a narrator to give background facts about Thanksgiving. Check out 
  • Costumes: Your Thanksgiving play for children will definitely need costumes to make it come to life! You can put together costumes using pieces of clothing from your own closet or simply have kids make paper hats out of construction paper to identify their roles.
  • Set and Props: To create a backdrop for the stage, take large pieces of white craft paper and draw settings using markers or paint. You can make multiple sets for each scene of the play. Broken down cardboard boxes are fabulous for turning into any props you might need such as the ship that the pilgrims arrive on or the food that is shared at the first meal.
An alternative to putting on a live action play is to create puppets out of brown paper bags and perform your story that way. Regardless of your actors, be sure to let guests know about the play when you send your Thanksgiving dinner invitations. Find your favorite invitation, add important event details, and send by text or email in minutes. 

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