A New Take on A Classic: Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Planning

 Plan a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party for the future bride and groom who want to spend the day or evening together! Gather friends of all kinds from the bride’s side and groom’s side together for a combined bachelor bachelorette party, instead of leaving the other side wondering just what kind of mischief is going on throughout the evening. Take advantage of this new take on a tried and true tradition, think outside the box, and enjoy the time together.
 Try some of these bachelor bachelorette party ideas:
  •  Plan your event on Punchbowl to select bachelor bachelorette party invitations for the big night. Be sure to make it very clear on the invitation that the event is a combined bachelor bachelorette party so you do not catch anyone off guard. Include the name of the event, names of the bride and groom, date, time, location, and if there is a fee for the event. Use the Contributions feature to collect funds ahead of time.
  •  Plan sophisticated bachelor bachelorette parties, and include special touches like a limousine ride and classy champagne. Make the limousine route a surprise, and make stops at some of the bride and groom’s favorite places.
  •  Emphasize a theme of, “One Last Night” for your get together, only in a different light. Avoid treating it as, “One Last Night of Freedom,” and treat the night of the party as “One Last Night Before The Next Big Step.” Focus on making the party a true celebration of this next phase of life.
  •  Don’t forget bachelor bachelorette party supplies! Use the party theme to help guide your decorations and specific details. Focus the party on the bride and groom and their lives together thus far. A classic black and white pattern is a perennial favorite.
  •  Have a group dinner at the bride and groom’s favorite restaurant, then hit the town to dance the night away at a nightclub where the guests of honor feel most comfortable, and most often like letting loose.
  •  Plan bachelor bachelorette party games throughout the evening to keep everyone entertained. Play a game similar to the Newlywed Game, where a number of questions are asked to both the bride and groom to see how well they know one another.
Remember when planning a pre-marriage event like this, the focus should be on the bride and groom and their happiness together. Also, remind bachelor bachelorette party guests to think twice before buying the typical bachelor and bachelorette party gifts—otherwise you never know what kind of surprises could pop up at the jack and jill bachelor party!
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