Bachelorette Party Invitations

When designing your bachelorette party invitations, choosing the right invitation wording and design, and incorporating the party theme are essential. All of these elements on the invite set the tone for the party and can give the guests a preview of the bachelorette theme. A few things to always remember to include are the time, date, location, address, guest of honor, and name of the host. 

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect bachelorette party invites:

  • Pick a Theme: The first step in the invitation design process is to incorporate your bachelorette party theme. The theme will help dictate the details of the invitations such as images included, the invitation wording, and style. If your party does not have a designated theme, then you can be more creative with your design style, colors, and fonts.
  • Colors: The color of your invite is also very important. Use your theme to get ideas about what colors to use on the invitation design. For example, if your theme is a night out on the town, the colors could be black, silver, gold or pink. It is best to pick two to three colors to use on your invites to make them look professional and chic.

  • Wording: Bachelorette invitation wording is a chance to be witty and fun. The wording is almost more important than the design itself because it gives the guests an idea of what to expect on the night of the party. It is also an opportunity to tie in the party theme with the wording. Here are a few examples of creative bachelorette invitation wording:
    • The fling before the ring! (NAME)'s bachelorette party!
    • Let the good times roll! (NAME)'s bachelorette weekend!
    • Girl’s night out for (NAME)'s bachelorette bash!
    • Get ready to mix and mingle, it’s (NAME)'s last night being single!
    • Before she is his bride, let us spend one last night by her side! Join us for (NAME)'s bachelorette party!
    • One last crazy night for (NAME)! Join us for her bachelorette celebration!
    • It’s ladies night! Please join us for (NAME)'s bachelorette extravaganza!

Remember to send your invite at least a month in advance. If the bachelorette party is a destination, then make sure you give the guest at least four months notice so they can book flights, make reservations, and request time off work.

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