Bachelorette Party Locations

Bachelorette party locations can make or break the success of a bridal bash. With so many options it can be hard to decide which destination is best for your party. Think about the bride-to-be and her own personal style when you sit down to plan. You'll also want to consider the kinds of activities you'll want to have at the celebration as this may help in determining the type of venue.

Here are some popular bachelorette party places that are ideal venues to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last single days:

  • Tropical Destination: If you have a large budget, then flying somewhere tropical, warm and sunny is the perfect way to spend a bachelorette weekend. A tip for planning a tropical weekend gateway is to book rooms and airfare in advance. You also want to make reservations at any restaurants, shows or activities you plan on doing while there. Some perfect tropical bachelorette party destinations are: the Bahamas, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Myrtle Beach or San Diego.
  • Winery: Hosting a bachelorette party at a winery is the perfect setting for a memorable celebration. If you don’t live near a winery, find one that is close by or consider taking a weekend trip to Napa Valley, CA. This location idea is great because it can be tailored to any budget and makes a great themed party.
  • Restaurant/Bar: To reduce travel, stress, and planning, host your bachelorette party at a local restaurant or bar.  Make sure to do some research to find a restaurant that is ideal for large parties, serves cuisine the bride likes, and has the right ambiance for a bachelorette bash. Depending on the restaurant's popularity, make a reservation at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Also inquire about tasting menus or tailored menus for dinner, which can eliminate the hassle of everyone ordering separately.
  • Spa: This bachelorette party location is perfect for the bride-to-be that wants to detox, relax, and be pampered before the big day. Once you have found a spa that you like, make sure you make reservations for the party and all the treatments you plan to have done. This party venue will be a guaranteed hit with all the party guests.

  • Big Cities: Major metropolitan cities are the perfect setting for an exciting and memorable bachelorette party. They are great because of all of the attractions they offer with things like shows, restaurants, bars, entertainment and accommodations. Host your party in the closest city near you or consider taking a weekend trip to your favorite city.
  • Ski Resort: A creative and casual winter bachelorette party destination is at a ski resort. Spend the weekend skiing, eating and drinking slope-side. It is the perfect way to celebrate the bride's final single days before the wedding. Many ski resorts also offer groups discounts on lodging and tickets, which make it more affordable.

When choosing a location you want to keep in mind the party budget, the time of year, and your party theme. After that, it's all about relaxing and celebrating the bride!

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