Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a bachelorette party? Incorporating a bachelorette party scavenger hunt is a great activity to add a fun and unique twist to the evening. The bridesmaids can make up their own personalized scavenger hunt list, use a generic version, or do a combination of both. 

Here are a few tips to help make your bachelorette party scavenger hunt go off without a hitch:

  • Decide on a theme: Whether you want a personalized scavenger hunt or a more traditional bachelorette version, you need to decide on a theme. A theme will help tie all of the activities together and help guide you in making the actual scavenger hunt list. A few bachelorette scavenger hunt themes are:
    • Memory lane: This theme revolves around finding objects that represent milestones in the bride-to-be’s life. Examples are Girl Scout cookies, ice skates, ballet slippers, her high school mascot, etc.
    • “I dare you!”: The dare theme is great if you want to be more wild and risky during the scavenger hunt. Every challenge is devised around a dare that requires each member to do something scandalous and outrageous to complete the scavenger hunt.
    • Honeymoon hunt: The honeymoon hunt is perfect for the bride-to-be going on a tropical honeymoon after her big day. This scavenger hunt revolves around finding objects that the bride might need on her honeymoon. Things like, sunscreen, sunglasses, grass skirts, or cocktail umbrellas would all be perfect.
  • Be Prepared: A week before the bachelorette party, prepare everything you will need for the scavenger hunt. The most important thing to prepare is the actual scavenger hunt list. When creating your scavenger hunt list have an equal amount of  “to do” and “to collect” action items. You also want to make sure that your scavenger hunt list can be completed in the location of the bachelorette party. Once your list is completed, print enough copies for everyone, plus a few extras just in case. Be creative by printing them on colorful paper and decorating each one to match the scavenger theme or bachelorette party theme. 
  • Cameras: Part of the fun in completing a scavenger hunt is documenting it all, so make sure everyone has a camera.  You can either ask everyone in advance to bring a digital camera for the scavenger hunt or give everyone a disposable camera when the hunt begins. Disposable cameras are great for this type of activity because the pictures can’t be deleted and every moment will be captured.
  • Rules: Before the hunt begins, you want to make sure you set rules for everyone to follow and explain them.  A few examples of rules are off-limit locations, time restraints, and how the winner will be determined.

Once the event is over, collect the cameras and develop the film. Present the bride with a photo album of your adventures on her wedding day!

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