Bridal Shower Advice for a Hawaiian Theme

 No matter what time of year it is, a tropical themed bridal shower is a fun and light-hearted way to celebrate the occasion. Throw a Hawaiian bridal shower that will transport the party to a sunny paradise and make for a vacation you will never want to leave!
 Here are some Hawaiian bridal shower ideas to help you plan your event:
  • Hawaiian bridal shower invitations: While historically a female-only affair, bridal showers have increasingly become an event for both men and women. If you’re keeping a traditional guest list, however, be sure to include members of your bridal party as well as close female family. Keep the party size small: remember, it’s the shower, not the wedding.  Have your bridal shower theme front and center on your free invitations. Popular tropical motifs that you can use include palm trees, umbrellas, a sandy beach, surfboards, seashells, and pink, orange, or yellow flowers.
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  • Party decorations: Pick bright and cheerful hues to create a vibrant color palette for your Hawaiian themed bridal shower décor. Find a Hawaiian print tablecloth and use flower arrangements with orchids or hibiscus as a center piece. Bamboo place mats also add to the theme. Blow up some striped beach balls to complete the scene.
  • Party menu: Sweet and fruity flavors should be a staple on your Hawaiian themed party menu. You can set out platters of fresh fruit and berries as finger foods or if you’d like to serve light lunch fare for your guests, whip up some curry chicken salad sandwiches with cold couscous with pineapple for the side dish. There are many recipes for refreshing cocktails you can mix up, however, coconut water is a great non-alcoholic alternative. For dessert, cover cupcakes in brightly colored frosting and top with a paper umbrella toothpick.
  • Party activities: Play “Pin the Coconut on the Tree” by blindfolding guests, spinning them around a few times, and then asking them to place a cut-out coconut on the branches of a tree on the wall. Another fun option is to consider hiring a dance teacher from a local studio to give hula dancing lessons during the bridal shower. Everyone will have a chance to get involved and show off their moves.
  • Hawaiian bridal shower favors: Set up a “Make Your Own Lei” station at your Hawaiian bridal shower. Buy fake flowers at a local home goods store and remove them from their plastic stems. Stock a table with precut lengths of elastic and let each guest create her own unique party favor that will serve as a great reminder of the fun she had during the shower. You can also purchase pairs of rubber flip-flops and colored jewels from a nearby craft store and spend some time bedazzling fancy footwear.
 This bridal shower theme is perfect for bringing the important ladies in your life together for a memorable occasion. Listen to the Beach Boys or some Jimmy Buffet as you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to find inspiration from other idyllic settings and throw a successful tropical bridal shower!
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