Bridal Shower Cake

The bridal shower cake is the sweet centerpiece of the bridal shower celebration. Bridal shower cakes often reflect the theme of the wedding, the theme of the bridal shower party, or are tailored to a personal hobby of the bride. Between deciding the type of cake you want to serve, the bridal shower cake wording, and the theme, planning can be overwhelming. Here are some stress-free and helpful bridal shower cake ideas to help you during your party planning.

Bridal Shower Cake

  • Professional or Homemade: Before deciding what type of cake to make, the wording, or the theme, you first need to decide on whether you want it made at a professional bakery or made at home. This is important because it helps make the rest of the cake process much easier. A homemade cake is a great choice if you have lots of spare time and the shower theme is casual. If your bridal shower is more elegant and upscale, opting for a professional cake can give you more creative options for designs and styles.
  • Theme: A bridal shower cake is an opportunity to be as creative or as classic as you want. However, choosing the appropriate theme that ties in with your party is important to make sure everything works together. Here are a few great theme cake examples:
    • Lingerie Bridal Shower: Have you cake be in the shape of lingerie or have it look like lingerie is coming out of a box. It is a fun and flirty twist on a bridal shower cake.
    • Traditional: For a more traditional theme, have your cake reflect the theme colors of the wedding with lots of floral accents. This is a romantic looking cake that is timeless and elegant.
    • Beach Shower: Choose a cake that depicts a beach scene or create a “flip-flop” cake, which looks like a pair of sandals. Make sure the icing is vibrant and bright to match the tropical theme.
  • Cake Sayings: Bridal shower cake sayings can be as traditional or quirky as you want. Usually, the saying should reflect the personality of the bride as well as the cake theme. The bridal shower cake wording can turning a boring cake into a memorable one, so choosing the right phrase is important. For a classic celebration, the wording should be simple and tasteful while a unique theme party’s cake saying can be more fun and lighthearted. 

Here are few great examples of classic bridal cake sayings:

  • Best Wishes (NAME) & (NAME)
  • Showers of good fortune & happiness
  • Congratulations (NAME)!
  • The future Mrs. (NAME)
  • Happiness, today and always

Here are a few theme-inspired bridal cake sayings:

  • Wine & Cheese theme: “Cheers to the happy couple!”
  • Tropical theme: “Sunshine & wishes for the future Mr. & Mrs.”
  • Tea party: “(NAME) & (NAME) are suited to a tea!”
  • Poker theme: “You two make the perfect pair”
  • Stock the Kitchen theme: “Good things are cooking for the two of you”

Pick a favorite flavor, personalize the cake as much as you want, and enjoy it with everyone at the shower.

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