Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal showers are a time when family and friends gather together to shower the bride with gifts and well wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness with her future husband. A bridal shower theme can make planning the shower much easier on all involved. Plus, a theme adds a modern and unique twist on the traditional shower celebration.

Here are five popular bridal shower theme ideas to help inspire your party planning:


  • Spa Shower: This shower theme is a popular choice for brides-to-be because it gives them an opportunity to relax before the big day. Guests can enjoy a day of pampering with manicures, pedicures, and massages. You can either opt to have the group go to a local spa or have the spa technicians come to your house. A tip when planning this type of  event is to avoid facials if the shower is close to the actual wedding day — you don’t want anyone to have red or irritated faces on the big day! Some great shower favors for this theme include plush robes, nail care kits, or specialty soap and bath baskets. 
  •    Stock the Kitchen Shower: This bridal shower theme is perfect for a couple that is moving in together after the wedding and needs to stock their kitchen. Host the party in someone’s home and have the focal point be the kitchen. Serve lots of great food and drinks, and even consider hiring a personal chef to give out cooking lessons during the shower. Have everyone bring basic kitchen items needed in any starter kitchen. This could include items like pots, pans, spatula’s, aprons, wine openers, salad tossers, plates, flatware, and glasses. Instruct guests to consult the wedding registry so the couple gets the items as planned. Another great idea for this shower theme is to also have everyone bring a favorite recipe to the party to give to the bride. This will give her lots of great recipes to cook in her new kitchen!
  • Yoga Shower: If the bride is a yoga fanatic, a yoga bridal shower is a unique bridal shower theme that will make her very happy. Host the party at a yoga studio and include a yoga session for the guests. If a studio isn’t available, have a yoga instructor come to the party and give a private session. Make sure the class is designated for all levels, so that everyone in the party can participate regardless of their previous yoga experience. Doing yoga will give everyone a chance to relax and detox before the big day. Plus, it’s a great way to get in shape. Some great gift ideas for this theme are yoga mats, yoga gym bags, or yoga DVDs.
  • Wine & Cheese Shower: There is no better way to celebrate and indulge than with wine and cheese! This is what makes the wine and cheese bridal shower theme ideal for any bride. Host the shower at someone’s home or a restaurant and make it an afternoon of wine and cheese tasting. Offer a variety of wines from reds to whites to champagne. Also, make sure you have lots of different types of cheeses with crackers to sample. Local specialty cheese and wine stores can help you decide the right items to purchase if you aren’t an expert. Gift ideas for this theme include a bottle of wine, wine accessories, wine glasses, or a cheese board.
  • Tea Party Shower: Of all the bridal shower themes, this is one of the most traditional and classic. A tea party bridal shower is an elegant way to gather friends and family together for an old fashioned afternoon of drinking tea and eating crumpets. This party theme is best hosted outdoors, ideally in someone’s backyard or patio. It is also a great theme for a bride that wants to play bridal shower games and activities. Gift suggestions to compliment the theme include teapots, specialty teas, or tea sets.

Bridal Shower Themes

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