Cinco de Mayo Party Favors

Cinco de Mayo party favors are a fantastic way to thank your guests for coming to your party. You can either do generic party favors for all of the people that attend your party or personalize them for each guest.
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First, to get an accurate headcount so you know how many favors are needed, send digital Cinco de Mayo party invitations. Customize your favorite invitation, send it by text or email, and easily manage RSVPs online.

Once you know how many guests are attending, check out these unique party favors for your fiesta:

  • Margarita Glass: This is a great Cinco de Mayo party favor for adults. If you are serving margaritas or other delicious Mexican drinks at your fiesta, be sure to tell your guests that they can take the glasses home with them after the party! If you are feeling creative, you can even decorate the glasses to say the name, theme, and date of your party so that guests always remember the special occasion.  

  • Piñata Candy: What better way to give your guests a party favor than with this Mexican tradition? A piñata is also an enjoyable activity for your Cinco de Mayo party. Hang a large piñata from the ceiling before your party. Make sure it is on a sturdy hook so that it does not fall and break. Towards the end of your party, have your guests one by one hit the piñata with a bat. For some added fun, blindfold the guest and spin them around a few times so that they become disoriented. This will make it more difficult to accurately hit the piñata and it will add some laughs to the activity! Tell your guests that they can bring home whatever candy or items they collect from the piñata as a party favor.

  • Custom Bottles:  Customize the labels on miniature bottles of hot sauce or tequila for your guests to take home. Every time that they use the sauce in while cooking they will be reminded of your fun party and hospitality, which makes them a terrific party favor for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

  • Candles: Give your guests scented candles as a Cinco de Mayo party favor. Try to find Mexican-inspired scents like cilantro, orange, or lemon. Place the candles in decorative Mexican candle holders for the guests to take home. If the Cinco de Mayo party is for kids, a great activity for the fiesta is to have them decorate the candle holders! Instead of giving them real candles though, place battery-operated candles to avoid fire hazards.

  • Fiesta Playlist: This party favor idea is an excellent way for the guests to bring the fiesta right home with them! Make a Cinco de Mayo playlist full of all the great Mexican music that you played at the party and share it with guests after the party.

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