Coed Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

For the future bride and groom that can’t get enough of each other, plan a coed bachelor and bachelorette party. Simple tweaks will easily turn ideas for separate bachelor and bachelorette parties into a coed affair. The benefit for the future bride and groom is that they have the opportunity to spend additional time together and with those attending the party. Plus, guests will have the advantage of mingling with a larger group and potentially meeting new people.

Coed bachelor-bachelorette party ideas include:

  • Party Bus: Hire a party bus to escort the bride, groom and wedding party around for the night to celebrate a coed bachelor and bachelorette party. Hiring a party bus can be pricy, so devise a plan for collecting funds from the wedding party. Collect guests’ money in advance of the party or stand at the entryway of the bus and collect it before the guests enter. Plan the locations where the party bus will stop based on the preferences of the bride and groom. Fun ideas for bus stops include a restaurant, comedy club and multiple clubs or bars. End the evening by toasting to the special couple on the party bus and surprise them with a hotel room for the night.
  • Boat Party: Plan a coed bachelor-bachelorette boat party for the special couple and their wedding party. Rent a private boat or yacht and hire a caterer and bartender to serve guests food and drink throughout the event. Book entertainment such as a band or DJ and request that they facilitate coed bachelor-bachelorette party games. Play the Newlywed Game but with an engagement twist. Create a list of questions to determine how well the future bride and groom know each other. The winner gets a treat of his or her choice, such as having the significant other clean the house, do laundry or wash the dishes for a week.
  • Bowling Party: A coed bachelor and bachelorette bowling party is a great way to celebrate! Plan a black light bowling party in the evening and have black light personalized shirts made for those attending the coed bachelor and bachelorette party. Write, “Lindsay and Joey’s black light bowling night bachelor-bachelorette party blast! 7-24-14” Before beginning to bowl, split the teams up so that the bride and bridesmaids are on one team and the groom and groomsmen are on the other team. During the party, order pizza and drinks for guests, and serve cake towards the end of the evening.

Take pictures throughout the night and suprise the bride and groom with a photo album of their fun night out on their wedding day!

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