Engagement Party Gifts

It is customary for the future bride and groom to create wedding registries at various stores of their choice. Some engagement party invitations include a list of the stores at which the couple has registered. If not, when RSVP’ing for the party, ask the hostess/host where the bride and groom are registered to make your gift buying much easier.

The price range of gifts will vary. The registry will include a variety of small ticket items and pricier items. Purchase a gift card or split the cost of a higher priced item with another guest, if the gifts on the registry do not fall within the price range you had in mind. Include a gift receipt with all presents.

Engagement party gift ideas include:

  • Kitchen Items: Help the happy couple get off to a good start in the kitchen with a kitchen related item from their gift registry. Engagement party gifts for the kitchen include pasta strainers, utensils, glasses, place mats, oven mitts, can openers, coasters, hand mixers and kitchen towels. Higher priced gifts to consider are blenders, food processors, microwaves, standing mixers and stainless steel trash cans. It's always nice to put a personal touch on your gift. For example, purchase an empty basket then fill it with smaller items from the registry such as measuring cups and other kitchen tools. Then pick out a cute apron to include with the other items. The couple will be happy to receive the items from their registry, but your hand-picked item will also be memorable and sentimental.
  • Bathroom Items: Everyone needs to outfit their bathroom. Engagement party gift ideas for the bathroom include hand towels, face towels and toothbrush holders. Higher priced gifts to consider are bath towels, bath mats, shower curtains and shower heads. Purchase a combination of hand, face and bath towels, roll each up individually, and ensure they stay rolled by placing elastics around them. Organize the towels in a circular shape on a large platter, and build a towel cake. Place smaller accessories, such as a corkscrew, peeler and utensils in between the towels to “decorate” the cake. Wrap the cake in plastic cellophane wrap.
  • Bedroom: Gift options for the bedroom run on the higher end of the price range, and are comprised mostly of bedding. Duvet covers, down comforters, pillows, sheets, pillow shams, bed skirts and mattress pads are all admirable selections. You can also go off the registry for personalized items such as matching monogramed bathrobes.
  • Living Room: Gifts for the living room range in price. Snack tables, throw blankets, accent pillows, televisions, end tables and coffee tables are good picks. However, if you want to gift something that you'll actually be able to bring with you to the engagement party, consider a digital picture frame or blue ray player.
*Note that some brides and grooms feel strongly about not accepting presents at the engagement party. It is common for the engagement party invitation to say, “No gifts please.”  If this is the case, honor the request of the bride and groom.
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