Halloween Recipe: Toxic Waste Punch

What do you get when you cross Mountain Dew punch with lime sherbet punch? Toxic waste! Make your guests squeamish when you serve up this Halloween party drink. This winning recipe is from Susan Buetow of SusieQTpies Cafe. Susan does an amazing job of making this Mountain Dew punch look like truly disgusting toxic waste. The Halloween trick will be getting your guests to actually drink it. Good thing this lime sherbet punch recipe actually tastes good!

Toxic Waste Punch Recipe
  •  1 can of pineapple juice
  •  2 liter bottle Mountain Dew
  •  1 liter Fresca (can substitute Sprite too)
  •  ½ carton lime sherbet
  •  1 bag frozen berries
  •  Misc. plastic body parts
Pour in chilled juice and sodas into a punch bowl. Right before serving the punch toss in the frozen berries and scoop in the sherbet. Toss in eye balls and mini skeletons and enjoy!
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