Host a Lightyear Party in Hyper Speed

Disney and Pixar are back in theatres with the release of the highly anticipated Lightyear, the story of a young Buzz Lightyear. The concept is brilliant - a blockbuster film within a film that the beloved toys of the Toy Story films would be watching! It tells the story of Buzz Lightyear being marooned on a hostile planet with his commander and crew some 4.2 million light-years from Earth and their struggle to find their way back home through space and time.

The incredible Pixar animated feature is a spin-off from the Toy Story series and the first Disney Pixar film release in theatres since launches were moved to Disney+ during the COVID-19 pandemic. It'll also be added to the Disney+ lineup following the theatre release.

Lightyear stars Chris Evans and features the voice talents of other notable actors like Taika Waititi and James Brolin. Lightyear finds himself - and his robot companion, Sox - stranded 62 years in the future after a Hyper Speed test gone wrong. Their adventures lead them to a new mission with a new crew who need his help!

Your Mission: Plan a Lightyear Party in Hyperspeed!

We've got online invitations that'll help you plan your Lightyear party in minutes. Just click on the invite to start personalizing your Lightyear invitations today.

Lightyear - Space Ranger

lightyear-ranger.png 288.24 KB

Lightyear - Hyper-Launch
lightyear-hyperlaunch.png 281.29 KB

Lightyear - Group Mission
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Plan Your Lightyear-Inspired Activities and Menu

Choose space-themed decorations, snacks, and activities to make your Lightyear party a blast!

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Rocket Fuel

Keep the drinks and snacks on theme: Source some bottled soft drinks or sports drinks. Place them into a metal bucket with ice and label it Rocket Fuel!

Build Your Own Rockets

Entertain guests with a craft project, or create your own rockets in advance to use as decorations for the party! 

  • Gather colorful construction paper, craft scissors, glue, and markers. 
  • Cut a rectangle for the body of the rocket. Roll it into a tube and glue the edge to fasten it to the other side. Use markers to decorate it as desired.
  • Choose a contrasting color and cut out a large triangle. Glue the shorter sides of the triangle so that you form a cone for the top of the rocket.
  • Cut out the wings as one moon-shaped piece. Cut a short slit on the bottom of each side of the tube and slide the wings into the slots. 
  • Cut out a flame-shaped piece to glue to the bottom of the tube. Add extra flame details in red, orange and yellow. 
Pro Tip: If you happen to have empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, they work great for the rocket body - then you just have to color them!  
ROCKET FUEL (1).jpg 114.29 KB

Galaxy Cupcakes

Make your favorite cupcakes. Divide a batch of homemade buttercream or cream cheese frosting into 4 bowls. Add Gel coloring to each of the 4 bowls - one black, one blue, one pink, and one purple. Spoon your frosting into a piping bag - alternating colors randomly. Pick your favorite tip and begin piping the frosting onto the cupcakes. As the random colors come out, they'll create the galaxy swirl effect that you're looking for!  When you're done piping, sprinkle gold dust sprinkles on top!

galaxy-cupcakes.jpg 113.15 KB

Fruit Rockets

Have each of the party guests make their own fruit rockets! Use the pointed ends of strawberries for the top of your rocket, or use cookie cutters to cut shapes from watermelon for the rocket tops and tails. Set out an assortment of fruits like bananas, strawberries, and grapes, to fill up the skewers. Your guests will enjoy making their own creations, and it's a great healthy snack!

ROCKET Kebabs.jpg 22.99 KB

Pin the Socks on SOX

Just like the donkey classic, you can print a large-sized image of Buzz's sidekick, Sox, and hang it up on the wall or fence. Blindfold and give each of the party attendees a sock. Spin them around and see them try to get a sock on one of his paws!

sox.jpg 27.01 KB

Space Ranger Goodie Bags

Send each of your guests home with an astronaut-inspired bag of goodies, like MoonPies, Mars & Milky Way Bars, and Galaxy Slime.

moonpie.jpg 50.91 KB

Send Lightyear Thank You Cards

When your guests have gone home, you can continue the fun by sending each of them a Lightyear Thank You Card to share your appreciation for helping to make your party so special. Add a unique message and send them Hyper Speed by email or text!

lightyear-thanks.png 206.41 KB

Host a party that'll be remembered through space and time with Lightyear Invites and Cards and Lightyear-inspired food and activities! 
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