How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Keep your Christmas tree fresh and green this holiday season with Christmas tree care tips. Make sure to keep up with your Christmas tree watering and Christmas tree care in order to enjoy your tree for as long as possible.

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Take advantage of these tips for how to care for your Christmas tree and how to keep a Christmas tree fresh:

  • Display trees in a traditional stand to avoid a loss of the tree needles and a misshapen tree.
  • Choose a tree stand that is the appropriate size for the tree trunk. Avoid cutting the sides of the trunk, as it plays a key role in helping to hydrate the tree.
  • Keep water for Christmas trees at the bottom of tree stand (around one quart of water per inch of the trunk’s diameter) and place the tree in it as soon as possible.
  • Cut the bottom of the tree trunk around ½ inch, and then place it in the stand. Avoid an angled cut. The tree may not get enough water on all sides of the trunk.
  • Display the Christmas tree away from direct heat, such as heater vents and fireplaces. Keep the temperature low to make sure the tree does not dry out and the water does not evaporate as quickly.
  • Make time to check the tree stand each day to ensure that the trunk is always submerged in water.
  • Use miniature, low heat lights to avoid drying out the tree too quickly.

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Put forth lots of effort, and take pride in caring for your Christmas tree. Once the hard work is out of the way, have fun decorating, and enjoy your tree! And remember to invite friends over for a fantastic tree trimming party with one of our free Christmas party invitations!

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