Lingerie Bridal Shower

Lingerie bridal showers can be both a racy and relaxing way to spend the evening with the bride-to-be and her close friends. The intimate theme of a lingerie shower can do wonders to relax a stressed out bride and bring all her attendants and friends together in a fun and laughter-filled get together. Here are some lingerie shower ideas to help the soiree come together:

  • Setting: A lingerie bridal shower is most commonly held in someone’s home. After all, who wants to unwrap lacey panties in full view of all the patrons at the local family restaurant? Host the party right in your living room. Whether it’s a small gathering or dozens of people, they can all fit by removing the coffee table and sprinkling the floor with pillows and throws from around the house. Lounging around on pillows on the floor will put everyone at ease and create a festive and relaxed environment.
  • Attire: Ask guest to come in their pajamas. Give them each a feather boa as they walk in the door. The comfortable clothing and fun boa will disarm even the most uptight guest.
  • Games: Ask each guest to bring a piece of lingerie from their own closet. When they arrive, place all the items in a bag. Remove each item one at a time and ask everyone to guess (out loud or on paper) whose item belongs to whom. You may be surprised to learn who owns a leather bustier and who brought the white cotton panties! Winners can be awarded simple prizes like bath salts or tea candles.
  • Activities: Bake gingerbread people and leave them plain. Buy candies and icings for your guest to decorate their cookies with lingerie outfits. Candy hearts, sprinkles, cotton candy and colored icing can make some very interesting get-ups.
  • Guest Book: Ask your guests to leave a piece of advice for the newlywed couple when they sign the guestbook. It could be something as simple as, “Don’t go to bed angry” to the more adventurous, “Try kissing your significant other behind the knees.”
  • Décor: Besides the pillows and throws that adorn the floor of the living room, candles and dimmed lights will complete the romantic setting of a lingerie party. Rose petals scattered around the room are an economic way of adding romance and elegance. You can also post photos of 1950’s pin-up girls around the room to express the fun flavor of a lingerie themed bridal shower. Top tables with lace bought at the fabric store and put doilies under all the plates.

While a lingerie bridal shower can be as racy or plain vanilla as you’d like it to be, no matter how you choose to celebrate everyone will leave feeling closer.

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