Mustache Party Ideas

Want a hip decoration and party accessory? Try mustaches! Mustache props have become very popular recently and are a great way to bring whimsy to any type of party. Go all out and host a mustache party theme! It's a fun theme that will get all your friends together and makes for a lot of fun photo opportunities. Check out our mustache party ideas for tips to make this mustache party awesome.

What is a mustache party and how to do I do it?

Vary Your Mustaches: Print mustache cutouts and put double stick tape on the back to use as cute name tags or attach to wooden sticks for your guests to hold up in front of their faces. However you decide to get your guests involved in the theme, give them a choice of mustache style. Print out handlebar mustaches, thin mustaches, thick mustaches, etc. Continue these types of mustaches throughout your décor.

Set Up a Photo Booth: A photo booth is a great way to let your guests try on different mustaches and other fun disguises and can be easy to set up. If you have a laptop with a photo booth feature, just set it up on a small table with chairs in front of it. If not, just set your camera on a tripod on a self-timer setting. You can make it even better by hanging a solid or patterned sheet as a backdrop.

Use the Theme for Food: Mustache shaped sandwiches and cookies are an easy way to use your theme. You can also decorate cakes and cupcakes with mustache silhouettes found online. For food items that can’t be mustache shaped or decorated, make cute mustache labels for the food table.

Mustache Invitations: Set the theme for your party before guests even arrive with mustache party invitations from Punchbowl. These adorable invites are perfect for any mustache theme party and will get your guests ready for your celebration.

Mustache Favors: Send your guests home with cute mustache party favors to continue your theme.  Mustache trinkets can be found at many stores, but you can also customize other favors to save money.  For a kids’ mustache party, you can put mustache cutouts on favor bags and candy.

Whether you’re hosting a mustache birthday party for your kids, a mustache celebration for fathers day, or just need a reason to bring your friends together, the mustache theme is perfect for a party that everyone will love.

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