Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Incorporate creativity into the holiday season this year and choose a Christmas tree theme. Christmas trees can often end up as a hodgepodge of different decorations. This year, experiment with selecting one specific theme to focus your design. Consider Christmas tree theme ideas such as a santa theme, candy cane theme, or vintage ornament theme.

Here are a few other Christmas tree themes to get you started:

  • Nautical Theme: Take a cue from the maritime side of life and decorate the Christmas tree with a nautical theme this year. Incorporate all of the symbols that represent sailing or nautical life in general, or stick to one element and keep the tree design unified and simple. Decorate with mini nautical ornaments, small red and green buoys, simple white lights, and an old nautical style lantern as the "star" on the top of the tree. For another idea, include nautical wildlife such as starfish, sand dollars, seashells, string-lights adorned with lanterns, or simple red and green colored ornaments to mimic the nautical port and starboard theme.
  • Sports Theme: Adorn the tree with sports related ornaments and memorabilia. Hang items to represent the home team or a favorite baseball, basketball, hockey, or football team. Make ornaments out of sports game tickets. Frame and hang pictures of the family at the game. Make homemade ornaments of mascots and the team logo.
  • Kids Crafts Theme: Decorate the tree with the kids’ artwork from school and home. Laminate (with the kids’ permission) drawings, and hang beaded necklaces and small figurines. Sit the kids down at the table and have them create additional decorations for the tree such as popcorn garlands and reindeer made from candy canes.
  • Pets Theme: Plan the decorations for the tree around the pets. Hang pictures of both living and deceased pets (to honor their memory). Hang dog bones from the tree along with dog collars, leashes, and raw hide bones.
  • Patriotic Theme: Add patriotic decorations to the tree this year. Decorate the tree with a flag and accent it with ornaments in the same colors as the flag. Type out the national anthem, laminate it, and hang it on the tree.

Select simple, fun, and fabulous themed Christmas tree ideas. Tie the summer into the winter, incorporate a favorite sports team, or put the kids’ artwork on display for all to see and admire during the holidays. Ready to celebrate? Check out our beautiful collection of FREE Christmas party invitations for every theme. 

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