Plan the Perfect Disney Princess Birthday Party

So much goes into planning the perfect Disney Princess party — from menu items and activities to the guest list and beyond. But the invitation must come first! Not only does it communicate important information about your big day, but it also sets the tone, and gets everyone excited and looking forward to it.

Punchbowl offers beautiful online invitations for Disney-themed parties. All you have to do is choose one of our free Disney Princess invitations to get started.

This Disney Princess online invitation features three popular princesses — Belle, Cinderella and Tiana. With a matching envelope liner and stamp, this free Disney Princess invite is sure to delight your guests, and add some Disney magic to any event!
This gorgeous Disney Princess | Dream Big invitation design features a whimsical pink pattern with 5 of your favorite Disney Princesses front and center.

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Punchbowl also offers a fanciful free Disney Princess Watercolor invitation with a beautiful painted design!
Or, personalize this gorgeous online invitation design called Disney Princess Dream featuring Jasmine, Tiana, and Ariel. 

If your child’s birthday falls during the holiday season, you may choose a birthday design, or one of our Christmas and Holiday Disney Princess invitations! 

Plus, you can also add a photo to many of our Disney Princess invitations, like this Cinderella Invitation when you have a Punchbowl membership!
Customize these beautiful invites with the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and any other details your guests should know. Once it’s fit for royalty, you can quickly and easily share your invitations via email or text.
After sending your Disney Princess party invitations, you can turn your attention to creating the perfect event. From plates and cutlery to activities and favors. 
Here are more fun ideas to help add some magic to your Disney Princess birthday party:

  • Be Princess for a Day: On your Disney Princess invitation, make sure to request that guests bring their favorite princess dress-up outfit, and also have some extras on hand. Give the girls some time to get into their dresses, fix each others’ hair, and even apply a little lip gloss or sparkles. Remember, accessories such as wands, barrettes, and jewelry can pull together the whole ensemble.
  • Play Pass the Magic Wand: Similar to a game of “hot potato,” have the girls sit in a circle and begin passing a wand around as music starts playing. Randomly stop the music, and whoever is holding the wand is out. The last princess left wins! Have a few small prizes on hand (stickers, plastic jewelry, or candy).
  • Plan a Magical Party Menu: No Disney Princess party would be complete without enchanting snacks and beverages! For lunch, go for easy-to-eat finger sandwiches cut using princess-themed cookie cutters (star shapes work, too).

  • Send Royal Thanks: Personalize Disney Princess Thank You Cards you can deliver by email or text. Let guests know how much you appreciate them attending the party. 
Create your Disney Princess online invitation, and start planning your party today! For even more magical Disney Princess party ideas, be sure to visit Disney Family.
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