Rehearsal Dinner Attire

Rehearsal dinner attire is based on the style of event (formal or informal). A formal event is considered one that takes place at a venue such as a hotel, function hall, or fancy restaurant. An informal event is held at a residence, bar, park or similar setting.

Appropriate rehearsal dinner attire for men includes:
  • Formal: A black or dark gray suit is appropriate rehearsal dinner dress for a formal event. Pair the suit with a pressed shirt and tie. Rather than blending with the color of the shirt, the tie should contrast with the color. For example, a stellar pick would be a light blue shirt with a yellow tie containing light blue accents (such as small diamonds or thin stripes) in the design. For less formal dinners, pleated khaki dress pants, a pressed shirt and sports jacket is suitable.
  • Informal: Jeans with a button down shirt or polo shirt is appropriate for an informal rehearsal dinner outfit. In the winter, a pressed shirt and sweater vest is a clean, crisp look. Wear black or brown dress shoes with black or brown socks (depending on the color shoes).
Appropriate rehearsal dinner attire for women includes:
  • Formal: A short black dress is perfect for a formal rehearsal dinner. Wear black tights for a winter event. Wear tan nylons for a spring or summer dinner. Accent the black dress with a pop of color. The pop of color can either be in the form of colorful shoes or jewelry. Red shoes with a heel will liven up the look. Jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet and earrings will add pizzazz. Another option is to wear a colorful shawl.
  • Informal: Black pants, capri pants or a skirt is appropriate for an informal rehearsal dinner. Wear a button down shirt, fitted top or sweater to complete the look.
Appropriate rehearsal dinner attire for kids includes:
  • Formal: Rehearsal dinner dresses with tights and patent leather shoes will suit little girls perfectly. Dress pants with a button down shirt and clip on tie will work well for little boys.
  • Informal: Girls can wear little sun dresses, while little boys can wear pants or shirts with a polo shirt — it’s as simple as that!
*Bring a spare, comfortable outfit for a child as a back-up.
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