Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Receiving an invitation is exciting, especially when there will be a string of joyous events to follow. First comes the invitation for the engagement party, next the shower, and finally the rehearsal dinner and wedding invitations. Rehearsal dinner invitations must incorporate specific details in order to relay the facts of the event to guests. Include details such as the name of the event, date, time, location and RSVP contact.

Here are some additional details to incorporate into your rehearsal dinner invitations:

  • Event: Include the name of the event, or who is being honored at the event. This is the first piece of information on rehearsal dinner invites. For example, “Allie and Nick’s Rehearsal Dinner” or “Join us for a Rehearsal Dinner Honoring Allie and Nick.”
  • Date: Incorporate the month, day and year of the event into the rehearsal dinner invitation. In the USA, the month is typically written first, the day next and the year last. Note that in different countries, such as the UK, the day is written first, the month is next and the year is last. In Korea, the year is first, the month is next and the day is last. Clarify the date for out-of-country guests.
  • Time: Plan the time of the event based on guests, the venue and the preferences of the bride and groom. Set the time for early in the evening if many children will be in attendance. Remember, all guests attending the rehearsal dinner will also be invited to the wedding. The bride will appreciate her beauty sleep in preparation of her big day. Other guests will want to rest up for the wedding as well. In some cases, the wedding party will plan to gather after the rehearsal dinner for drinks and socializing.
  • Location: Specify the location of the dinner on the rehearsal dinner invite. At a minimum, include the name and city or town of the venue. Another option is to write the specific address, as some guests may be typing the address directly into a GPS system. Research the location in advance to be sure there is not more than one venue with the same name. If the venue is part of a chain, make certain to include more specific address details.
  • RSVP Contact: Indicate the RSVP information on the rehearsal dinner invitation if you send paper invitations. For online invitations, guests will automatically RSVP to the correct contant (whomever is designated as the host for the event). Also include the due date of the RSVP. As the host or hostess, keep a tally of those who agree to attend the event, and those who decline the rehearsal dinner invite so you can provide the venue with an updated count closer to the event date.
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