Rehearsal Dinner Locations

The ring is on her hand, and the wedding planned. The final event before the wedding day is the rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinner locations are chosen based on the budget, preferences of the bride and groom, atmosphere and location of guests. Options for rehearsal dinner venues include hotels, residences, boat cruises and restaurants.

  • Hotel Restaurant: Consider out-of-town guests when planning the rehearsal dinner. Hold the rehearsal dinner at the hotel where out-of-town guests will stay for the wedding to make it convenient for guests to attend. Book the dinner at a restaurant inside the hotel, or contact the hotel to check for function hall availability. Research the space to ensure it allows for room to rehearse the wedding ceremony.
  • Private Residence: Plan the rehearsal dinner at a someone's house if a member of your wedding party has a spectacular lawn or dining room. Direct the wedding party to the backyard to rehearse the wedding ceremony. Hire a caterer to prepare a buffet dinner while guests are rehearsing in the backyard. You could also order large, family size containers of food from a local Italian restaurant to keep the rehearsal dinner more informal. Place the food in disposable chafing dishes, with chafing heater candles underneath.
  • Boat: Consider a boat cruise if you are located on the coast or near a body of water. Rent the boat for the evening, and hire musicians for entertainment. Check with guests in advance to ensure motion sickness will not become an issue.
  • Restaurant: A private restaurant function room is a traditional rehearsal dinner venue. Research the space to ensure there is appropriate room for rehearsing the ceremony. Ask the restaurant about selecting a specific rehearsal dinner menu that contains a selection of five or so entrees for guests.

You can also explore options for rehearsal dinner venues that are near the wedding ceremony venue. Sometimes it's helpful to rehearse for the wedding at the actual location. In that case, you might want to find a restaurant or other venue that is within walking distance or a short drive from the ceremony venue.

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