Spring Dinner Party

 A spring dinner party is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, and celebrate the beginning of a new season. Plan to hold the dinner party outdoors (weather permitting). If the night air is chilly, rent heat lamps from a local vendor.
 Spring dinner party ideas include:
Invitations: Send out spring dinner party invitations to those who make the guest list. Visit Punchbowl.com for a large variety of invitation options. Select an invitation with light, pastel colors and spring themed designs.
Decorations: Decorate the spring dinner party with pastel colored tablecloths, napkins, plates and cups. For centerpieces, place flower arrangements in the middle of each table. Select flowers such as tulips, carnations, roses or hydrangeas. Surround the flower centerpieces with votive candles. Hang string lights and lanterns around the yard to create soft and calming light.
Menu: The spring dinner party menu plays a large role in determining the success of the party. Since spring is a season that is light and refreshing, plan spring dinner party recipes that reflect the same feeling. For an appetizer, serve Japanese spring rolls that contain shrimp, cabbage and other vegetables wrapped in a rice wrap. Offer a spring roll dipping sauce on the side. For the main course, offer guests delicious sushi. Serve both traditional sushi and also vegetarian style sushi. Ginger, wasabi and soy sauce are all condiments that work well with sushi. Edamame makes for a great side dish. Place an empty bowl next to the edamame for the edamame shells (pods). For dessert, serve Japanese ice cream, mochi and green tea.
 A spring dinner party kicks off the warm weather season and gets everyone in the mood for spending time outdoors.
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