Spring Party Games & Activities

Celebrate spring by throwing a celebration filled with spring party games and activities. Plan games that are appropriate for a variety of age groups, such as young children, teenagers and adults. Offer prizes as an incentive for guests to participate in the activities.

Here are some spring games and activities for various age groups:

  • Young Children: There are many fun spring activities for children. Plan a scavenger hunt for the kids. Begin by making a list of items that are easy to spot from a distance, and are also easy for young children to read off of the list. Have an adult assist with facilitating the game by holding the list, and asking for the childrens’ help to call out each item. Have all of the children search together, in a group, for a variety of different objects, such as a rock, stick, leaf and flower. If the kids become frustrated, offer hints about where to find the objects. Award prizes to each member of the group at the end of the scavenger hunt. Fun spring prizes for kids are bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and kites!
  • Teenagers: Plan enjoyable, exciting and fun spring games and activities for teenagers attending the party. A potato sack race or two legged race will get their energy going, and activate their team spirit! Both games are simple. All you need are potato sacks and ties. Determine the amount of potato sacks and ties based on the number of teenagers playing the game. Draw a start line and a finish line. Have a judge present at the finish line to determine who wins the race! Hand out prizes to the winners such as iTunes gift cards, a deck of cards, or a frisbee.
  • Adults: Pass the Orange is a fantastic game for adults. All you need are two teams of adults, and two oranges. Divide the adults so that there is an equal number on each team. If you are working with an odd number of adults, select one to be the referee. Instruct the adults on each team to stand side-by-side. Give the first adult on each team the orange. Once you say, “Go,” the adult will place the orange between his or her chin and neck, and then without using hands, pass it to the next member of the team in his or her chin and neck. The team that gets the orange to the end of the line first (without dropping it) wins the game!

Other fun games to have at a spring party are badminton, volleyball, croquet, or washer toss games.

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