Taking Care of Your Ring

 You’ve already secured the man of your dreams, now it’s time to take care of that ring on your finger…literally. After the excitement of the proposal sinks in, make sure to give proper attention to your engagement ring. Here are some guidelines for caring for your engagement ring.
  • Get the ring sized. If the ring doesn’t fit right away, head straight to the jeweler to get it properly sized. The last thing you need is to have the ring slip off somewhere. Try to go at a time when you're not hot or swollen. That way, the jeweler will be able to properly size your engagement ring.
  • Get insurance. It’s also a good idea to get insurance on the ring. It’s a big ticket item and you want to make sure if anything happens to it that you’re covered. You can often add an engagement ring to your home insurance (or rental insurance) policy.
  • Store the ring properly. Keep the box that the engagement ring came in and make sure to store it when you’re not wearing it. There may be times when you decide to leave the ring at home (if you’re traveling abroad, for example), you might want to look into getting a safe or putting the ring in a safe deposit box at a bank.
  • Get regular cleanings. As for regular care of your ring, you can pop into the jewelry store to have it cleaned and checked out on a regular basis. Sometimes the insurance policy will require that you have a jeweler inspect the ring periodically to check the prongs, etc.
 Once you've taken care of the basics, you'll feel much more comfortable about showing it off. Especially in the months leading up to the wedding when you'll see friends and relatives for the first time since the engagement. Enjoy it!
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