Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

 Entertain those you love during turkey day this year with practical and fun Thanksgiving activities for families. Plan Thanksgiving family activities suitable for all age groups, young and old. Choose from Thanksgiving fun activities such as walks, board games, and crafts.
 Take advantage of these family Thanksgiving activities to keep busy:
  • Walks: Take the family out for walks both before and after the Thanksgiving meal, and tell guests to bring jackets to prepare for chilly weather. Base the length of the walk on the ages and physical abilities of guests. Walk one lap around the neighborhood, or go all the way to the local park. Bring strollers for infants and toddlers, and bundle them up in warm blankets. Offer bottles of water to guests before you leave the house.
  • Board games and card games: Gather user-friendly board games to play with family during Thanksgiving. Choose games that allow for a number of different players so you can adapt the game for the group. Play a combination of board games and card games. Plan a game of “Go Fish,” play a round of Monopoly, or have fun with a challenging game of Uno. Offer prizes to motivate guests to participate in the games.
  • Crafts: Plan a craft activity for the entire family during Thanksgiving. Provide supplies such as leaves, acorns, pine needles, and festive stickers to make a Thanksgiving collage . Have guests use a glue gun or other non-toxic glue options to stick the items to cardstock. For another idea, have each guest create a patch for a quilt. Put the quilt together at a later date and send pictures to the Thanksgiving guests.
 Mix it up a bit and ask guests to bring activities from their home to yours. Enjoy these fun Thanksgiving activities and cherish the quality time spent together with family and friends.
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