Thanksgiving Day Games

 Have lots of fun during turkey day this year with entertaining Thanksgiving day games. Plan the games based on the age groups of your Thanksgiving guests. Select Thanksgiving games for kids and Thanksgiving games for adults. Beyond the classic board games, organize games such as a scavenger hunt, “Pin the Wattle on the Turkey,” a baking contest, or some touch football in the backyard.
 Plan your activities with these ideas for Thanksgiving party games:
  • Scavenger Hunt: Plan Thanksgiving kids games such as a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items for the scavenger hunt based on the Thanksgiving holiday and fall season. Include items such as a red leaf, an acorn, a pinecone, a turkey feather, an apple, and a fork (for Thanksgiving dinner). “Plant” some of the items such as feathers, apples, and forks in advance of the scavenger hunt. Divide the kids into two teams. The first team to return with all the items, wins! For added fun, provide each team with a Polaroid camera and include scavenger hunt challenges like, “Take a picture of a team member beside a Maple tree.”
  • Pin the Wattle on the Turkey: Find a picture of a turkey on the internet or get creative and draw one yourself. Make sure the turkey is fairly large—at least three or four feet tall. Decorate the turkey with brown feathers but leave a clear spot for its wattle. Make enough wattles for all your guests and stick a piece of double sided tape on the back of each one. Line up the guests, blind-fold them, spin them around, and watch as they waddle over to the turkey to stick the wattle!
  • Baking Contest: Hold the baking contest during the Thanksgiving celebration or have the guests bake dishes in advance. Line up all of the dishes, ask guests do a taste test, and score each one. Provide score cards with specific criteria. Announce the winner of the baking contest and dig in for a yummy treat!
  • Touch Football: Organize a game of touch football in the backyard for Thanksgiving day. Provide colored t-shirts for each team and designate an impartial referee!
 Show your appreciation for the guests who participate and award Thanksgiving themed prizes to the winners!
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