Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Take your ideas for a Thanksgiving turkey craft to the next level this year! Consider Thanksgiving turkey crafts that incorporate handprints, poems, reasons to be thankful, and simple arts and crafts. With a little time and effort you'll end up with a beautiful decoration to display.

Here are a few turkey themed Thanksgiving crafts to inspire you:

  • Thankful turkey craft: Set your creativity in motion and create a thankful turkey craft. Visit your local craft store and purchase one large and one small Styrofoam ball. Wrap the large Styrofoam ball in dark brown yarn and the small Styrofoam ball in light brown yarn. Stick a popsicle stick into the small Styrofoam ball and add some glue to keep it in place. Stick the other end of the popsicle stick into the large Styrofoam ball to create the turkey head and add glue to make it stay in place. Make the turkey waddle, beak, and eyes with pieces of felt. Add a special touch to the turkey  by cutting colorful turkey feathers out of cardstock. Write reasons for being thankful on each feather. Next, attach the feathers to toothpicks and stick them in the top of the turkey.
  • Thanksgiving poem: Be creative this Thanksgiving and concoct a two-fold craft project. Make this hand turkey craft with five simple tools – cardstock, markers, feathers, scissors, and your hand! Trace your hand on a piece of colorful cardstock. Cut out the handprint, and use markers to write a Thanksgiving poem in the center. Use markers and cardstock to add subtle characteristics of a turkey to the handprint such as the waddle, eyes, and beak. Add feathers to the top of the handprint and you've got a thankful turkey!
  • Turkey handprint: Get your paints and paper ready for turkey handprint crafts. Dip your right hand thumb and palm in brown paint and the remaining four fingers in festive fall colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and green. Press your hand on the lower right hand side of the paper. Follow the same process with your left hand, and press it on the lower left hand side of the paper. The final result will resemble two turkey handprints. Add red and orange fall leaves for a pop of color for the handprint turkey craft.

Have fun with the hand turkey crafts, and add your own special and unique touches. Hang handprint turkey crafts on the walls throughout your home, or even send them to out-of-state family and friends to say, "Happy Thanksgiving."

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