Tips for Birthday Party Games

Need fun birthday party games for your child's birthday party? When planning a birthday party, the theme, décor, party favors, and cake are easy to tie together, but picking appropriate party games is not always as obvious. Classic and easy birthday party games are best for kids and adult birthday parties alike. Here are some tips for planning the birthday games for your kid's party:

  • Simplicity is key. When planning kid’s birthday party games you want to keep them easy. Children, especially young children, have short attention spans so complicated games can be difficult to play. Classic birthday games for kids are often the best and easiest to plan because they take minimal preparation and are fun to play. Games like pin the tail on the donkey (or any animal of your choice), hit the piñata, apple bobbing, musical chairs, Simon Says, hide and seek, duck-duck goose, and hunt the thimble.
  • Tie in your theme. You can also tie in your theme to some of these classic kids birthday party games. If the party has an animal theme, choose that animal for the pin the tail on the donkey theme or for your piñata. If it’s a kid’s pirate party, tailor your Simon Says game to the pirate theme. Be creative but just remember to still keep the games simple.
  • Limit the games played. Lastly, make sure that you only play one to two birthday party games during the party. Keep that in mind that a typical kids birthday party is between 2-3 hours long. Trying to play too many activities will make things complicated and will give the kids less time to play each game. 

When planning your birthday party games remember to keep them simple, classic, and easy to ensure that every child has a memorable time at your kid’s birthday party.

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