Wedding Transportation Ideas

Plan traditional, practical, fun or romantic wedding transportation for the big day! Research transportation ideas for wedding guests, bridal party and, of course, the happy couple. Consider limos, buses, fancy cars or even a horse and carriage for wedding transportation options.


Wedding transportation ideas include:

  • Limousine: Hire a wedding limo service to transport the bride (and her bridesmaids) and the groom (and his groomsmen) to the wedding. Consider unique limo styles such as a stretch Hummer or Escalade. The traditional option is a standard 8-10 person limo for weddings in either white or black. Request that the limousine company stock the limo with beverages such as water and champagne. After the wedding, don't be surprised to see “Just Married” signs, balloons and even cans on back of the limo!
  • Bus: Hire a van or bus for wedding transportation for guests. Instruct the bus driver to transport guests to the wedding, the reception and even back to the hotel after all the festivities. Providing transportation will ensure the safety of your guests and make the trips back and forth convenient for out-of-town folks.
  • Sports or Antique Car: Rent a sports or antique car for the day of the wedding. Use the car as a prop and take pictures in front and inside of the car to capture special memories of the day. Hire a chauffeur to drive the bride and groom back to their accommodations after the wedding and reception.
  • Horse and Carriage: Plan romantic and unique wedding transportation for the bride and groom by hiring a horse and carriage! Turn the bride’s Cinderella dreams into a reality and decorate the carriage with wedding bells, flowers and signs that say, “Just Married.”

Research transportation options through the hotel or wedding venue for out-of-town guests. Include all transportation details on both the wedding invitation and website (if applicable). Be sure to ask transportation companies about any discounts they offer, additional fees that may be incurred and ask friends and family for recommendations.

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