Mystery Productions



Mystery Productions Inc. is the leading company in performing arts in the party and event industry. We take performing arts and use it as a human decoration that adds color, class and enrichment to the event, which is tailored to the personal style of the client. Mystery Productions Inc. provides a huge selection of different costume concepts. The wide selection of the performing arts are positioned on stages by your choice, and can be integrated in all aspects of the event. It truly upgrades the guest reception, brightens the dance floor, and enhances the event to levels that other events only desire to achieve. Mystery Productions' professional design team frequently updates and develops the different costumes and outfits, in order to match the event and clients' personal style and wishes. Mystery productions has established itself as the premiere source of special event entertainment. Our team of talented professionals are ready to assist you in crafting the event of your dreams, however big or small. We are dedicated to setting a new industry standard, evidenced by our distinct style, original ideas, and unsurpassed commitment to excellence for our clients.

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