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Meet Randall:

Family is everything to me. From my first experience with my dads old 35mm film Nikon leading up to now, my family is what drives me. To be honest, I take pictures because I have a terrible memory; the everlasting photos help remind me of the experiences and joy my family and I have shared over the years.


A while back, I decided to live my life based on my emotions (Ethos), my ethics (Pathos), and my logic (Logos) and not by what was expected of me. I truly believe this is something that comes out in my photos... Photography is not my profession, it's my passion; with passion comes love and an unseen view on life.

We offer custom package pricing because we understand that your needs might not fall into a special category or standard package. Guinn Studios offers completely custom packages based on client needs and budget. Factors such as size of the event and time photographers are required for the event, we can work with you on an ideal photographer experience ensuring that all of the memories are captured and available to you. Along with unlimited photos throughout the event, and quick availability of photo viewing, Guinn Studios is able to provide clients with additional services at minimal cost.

Additional Services:

* Online viewing gallery * Free Digital download of high resolution files * "Spa" treatment of select images (retouching) * Usage & copyright release * Additional photographers available upon recommendation or request * Live photo streaming services Same day downloading available À la carte services available

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