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Hello! I am a self-taught caricaturist, or maybe I am best described as a portrait artist with a fun flair! (I am also a professional, formally educated graphic designer). I have been increasingly providing this entertainment art since 2003; it is now about half my living. I have always loved to draw people in particular, and have a knack for capturing a flattering resemblance, so I run with it!.

As a natural extension of my straight portraiture, I offer a unique caricature style, drawing headshot or full body action/hobby poses, complete with oversized heads, but decidedly different from the over-exaggerated style or what I call "theme-parky" that may be either insulting, or very "cookie cutter" in portraying a person’s distinct features. There is a style out there for everyone, and happily, my clients appreciate what I do, often commenting on the likeness and the fact that other caricatures they had done in the past were “ugly” or looked nothing like them. They sometimes say I make them look better than in real life, which always amuses me.

I am an engaging and social person where there is opportunity (and the music isn't blaring or I have a line of 30 people :-) and offer comparatively subdued entertainment, while providing enduring keepsakes or favors at any event, small or large. I try and make people feel at ease, while they pose, and I enjoy people gathering around to watch.

Since embarking on this stage of my career for a living, I have drawn solo at countless private gatherings such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, birthday and anniversary parties, weddings, corporate events, picnics as well as public or larger scale events, specifically fairs, Grand Openings, post-prom/ graduation festivities, college events, charity fundraisers and even at nightclubs. I have also drawn along side or subcontracted some of my fellow caricaturists at some larger events. I am comfortable working in BW and color.

I am also available for “gift” work and sign-in boards, which are/feature much more detailed and precise caricature drawings, priced per project.

Thanks for your time and interest and hope to serve you someday! Judy

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