DragonEye Candles

12 S Wall St

Cartersville, GA 30120


Who doesn't love candles??? Well let me tell you who we are. DragonEye Candles. The name kind of says it all. But what you might not know is that we offer a variety of candles and accessories in a number of scents and colors. We offer jar candles, incense, oils, tea-lights and wax tarts. And if that isn't enough we also offer additional accessories such as wick trimmers, oil burners, and incense holders/ash catchers. At DragonEye we make all of our candles and we soak our own incense. Everything that we do is to ensure the best quality of product. We also do custom orders according to our clients needs.We carry over 32 different scents and 25 to 30 different colors. Jar candles come in 5, 10, 16 or 26oz sizes. We encourage everyone to come out to our store (physical location in Cartersville) and meet our product. We think that once you smell what we sell you won't go anywhere else.

Our main goal is not only to get you to visit us.. but to also show that we can offer a product that will go good at places/events like weddings, corporate functions and dinner parties where you want to create a great smelling event/party without just relying on flowers to that do for you. We know that with the warm weather starting soon that we want to smell the flowers and we carry candles that offer that floral scent when you are stuck indoors due to bad weather or because the event is an inside only kind of party and you are really wishing that you can be outsides. Take a little piece of the outside in with you. Also visit our website to for a full list of our products and all 32 scents that we currently carry. We do offer seasonal scents that you have to keep checking to see what we offer. We also offer a list of way that you can mix and match our wax tarts to create new and great favors. We keep that list posted in our store location and are always looking for new ideas or combinations that keep things interesting. We also do custom orders - in case you find a scent that you must have and color that is part of the party scheme that can be made in time of the party. We ask that you give us plenty of notice as to what you looking for and when you need them. Since we make our of product by hand we need to have time to create just what you are asking for. Our product also makes great gifts or door prices if you are sponsoring an event -- we can custom make you a candle with a name change in the color that you need with a scent of your choosing.

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