Laura E. West, Fortune Teller & certified Lipsologist

Dallas, TX 75243


Tarot, tea leaves, palmistry or Lipsology! Predicting a party in your future? Are you looking for something unusual and engaging that won't spook your guests? Shhh... here's a secret! Fortune telling and Lipsology readings are like balloon animals for adults. Everyone wants one! And it can be fun for all ages! See me on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show: Get a free quote; or 214-334-0769.

Hi! I am Laura E. West and I am a professional fortuneteller and Lipsologist (I read lip prints!). My intuitive entertainment is perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, engagement parties and any other special occasion or event!

Don't want something too woo-woo? Try Lipsology (Lipstick print reading). How does it work? Apply a coat of lipstick, kiss a card two or more cards and I read the print. Lip prints reveal personality traits, how the person interacts with others, feels about current and future situations, approaches projects, their energy levels and much more! I bring all of the supplies (lipsticks, applicators, mirrors...) and kissing cards! Guests keep their "kissing" card with their prints and my notes as a memento/ party favor of your event. Kissing cards may be customized for any special occasion and include company logo or party invitation art.

My readings are upbeat and empowering as well as professional and spot on. No doom, gloom or party pooping subjects aloud! Tarot cards, palmistry and tea leaf reading are traditional fortune telling techniques that work for many themes!

What to expect • Fun, accurate and entertaining one of a kind readings • Costume, décor and props for many themes • Can provide table if needed • Other readers if needed

Get a free quote at my website; or 214-334-0769

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