Plan a Playful Pocahontas Birthday Party

Host a wild and free birthday party with a Pocahontas theme! Get a start on party planning with this Disney Pocahontas online invitation featuring your favorite Disney Princess.
Customize your invite with important information your guests need to know – location, date, time, and any other details you want to include. Once you’ve personalized your design, you can easily share your invitations with guests via email and social media. After you send your invites, dive into planning the perfect Pocahontas-themed birthday party!

Here are a few exciting ideas for a Pocahontas birthday party to get you started:

Inspired Decoration: When decorating for your Pocahontas-themed birthday party, think natural and bohemian. Decorate your party space with all the “colors of the wind.” Create an out-of-doors feel by incorporating decorations like feathers, leaves, and arrows. As an added touch, display dream catchers throughout the party space to create a more boho feel.

Themed Treats: Incorporate the feel of the forest with woodland-inspired party snacks. Serve guests “Corn on the Cob” popcorn bags. All you need to do to make these fun snacks is to fill plastic bags with yellow popcorn. Wrap the bags with green tissue paper and tie it all together with a ribbon — it looks just like a fresh ear of corn!  You can also bake shortbread cookies to serve to party guests as John Smith’s beloved “biscuits.”

DIY Dream Catchers: Plan fun activities that bring the adventure of Pocahontas to your party. Have guests make their own dream catchers using paper plates, string, feathers, and beads. To make DIY dream catchers, all you need to do is cut a hole in the center of a paper plate and poke holes around the outside of the plate using a pair of scissors. Guests can string through the holes in a criss-cross pattern to make their very own dream catchers. Set out feathers and beads so they can decorate their dream catchers as they please. This doubles as a fun party favor!
Host an action-packed party for your birthday girl with a Pocahontas theme. Make it memorable with all the exciting decorations, food, and activities you can incorporate into the theme! Personalize your free Pocahontas online invitation to get started on planning an awesome extravaganza!
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