Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

 Keep the children busy this turkey day with fun Thanksgiving activities for kids. Plan a combination of different activities based on the age of the children and their creative preferences. Organize separate activities for toddlers, writing activities for the kids who would rather do something thoughtful, and a variety of other outdoor activities and indoor activities.
 Thanksgiving activities for children:
  • Thanksgiving activities for toddlers: Plan fun activities for toddlers to occupy them in between Thanksgiving highlights. Supply play dough and ask them to use their imaginations to create Thanksgiving figurines such as turkeys, acorns, and leaves. Place the figurines on the tables to decorate for Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving writing activities: Recruit the kids to help with Thanksgiving decor and assign them a writing activity such as the creation of place cards. Gather supplies like paper, stickers, markers, and pens. Once complete, provide guidance to the kids about where to seat each guest. For another Thanksgiving writing activity idea, ask the kids to write about what they are most thankful for. 
  • Thanksgiving outdoor activities: Organize an exciting outdoor activity for the kids like jumping into a pile of leaves! Rake up your lawn in preparation for Thanksgiving and allow all the little Thanksgiving helpers to jump around and have fun in the pile. Let them “get their sillies out” and have fun before the big meal.
  • Thanksgiving indoor activities: Plan a fun Thanksgiving indoor activity to keep the kids busy on a chilly day. Gather baking supplies and have the kids make a dessert to serve after your Thanksgiving feast. Bake cookies, brownies, or a cake for a special treat.
 Keep the kids busy and remember to get a pat on the back from the rest of the parents for a job well done!
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